It's strange that the notion of fantasy hockey has never (to my knowledge) shown up in the Dump. You see, contributors are all part of a Keeper (Dynasty for you yanks). I know, imagine the amount of alcohol-fueled, profanity-laden hazing involved. It's all you can imagine and more on Draft Day (godlike).

Anyways, I wanted to toss this out:

Dobbs (if you don't know, better ask somebody) has Sid the (lip-) Stick, contributing 65 games to the Pens. That total might seem a bit optimistic, it does to me. But the optimism overflow does not end there.

Point projection for brokehead over those 65? Nothing less than 102 points, putting him in the top three (projections, don't forget)

He's paid to do it. We aren't. I know, strange that no one has thrown their hat into the burning ring of fire that is the HD to pay us paupers our just dues for these glowing contributions to the blogosphere. A travesty, to be sure.



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Nordique Nazi said...

Hopefully Angus doesnt read this, he's gonna be pissed.