The Caveman of Sportsnet

With another NHL season around the corner, the Caveman of Sportsnet will be vomiting up another 8 months of useless information for the viewing public. Who hired this fucking Meat Head in the first place? He's the reason Boogard and Rypien overdosed, Belak hung himself, and the Yak-42 couldnt get it up. Get this Caveman Cancer off the air. Below is a series of videos showing him breaking a leg, getting made fun of, and bleeding out of his head which concluded a career of lowered expectations. Enjoy the show.

Leg snapping like a twig, courtesy of Mr. Barnaby. Hilarious! Even Harry Potter's having a laugh in the background.

Sucking in Ottawa.

Still Sucking in Montreal.

Closing the chapter on a Pile of Broken Dreams. Bleeding Head, Awesome! Go Fuck Yourself Nicky!


DWB said...


Not even the first anti-Kypreos rant on this blog.

Nordique Nazi said...

This was more of a display of him in pain rather than an anti-kypreos rant.

Spec7ral said...

That last one was reminiscent of the Bud Dwyer video.