Fire Your Guns! (or Coaches)

What is with the recent coaching overhaul in the NHL?

It seems that knee-jerk reaction has become the sweetheart of GMs all over the league. How else can one explain the firing of a recently-removed Coach of the Year? Notice said coach was picked up and handed a new job within days? Which also resulted in another coach being sacked.

I am all for accountability, and I think poor production should be punished, especially in the goals department. IF I am going to waste my time actually watching hockey, I sure as fuck want to see AT LEAST 5 goals in a game. If I wanted to watch soccer I would watch soccer.

Anyways, good job to Davis Payne, Paul Maurice, Bruce Boudreau, Randy Carlysle and Terry Murray. You guys are jobless. Well, except the aforementioned Boudreau rehiring makes him a member of the job force once again.

SEriously though, even if I have no fucking idea who in the fuck Davis Payne is, why would someone hire Ken Hitchcock to coach a team of young offensively gifted players? Have fun St. Louis, all those draft picks should be buried on the 4th line or in the minors in no time.

I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Hitch scouting some talents and putting tags on their heads for how many years they need to play in the AHL. Also, it looks like he may be concealing a weapon.

Anyways, now that Maruice got fired again, at least we know Carolina will win the cup next year.

It's pretty sad to think, of all the weird places that cup-keeper motherfucker has had to go, that is probably one of the worst/most uncomfortable.

Side note: The donation picture on Wikipedia today looks like a fucking mutant. It's the only charity campaign not for mongloids that useds mongloids to try and drive donations. Weird.